Get Your Scholarship On...

Thanks to the generosity and support of our community, the Heroes of Midlothian Foundation is pleased to offer educational scholarships.  We get it - education is expensive.  But education is critical - it's critical to achieving your goals as an individual, and it's critical to maintaining the awesome community that we call home.  Our memorial scholarship program honors the legacy of past local heroes by helping enrich and educate the next generation of hometown heroes.  Let's do this then.

A Different Kind of Scholarship.

Most scholarships require recipients to enroll in a traditional four-year university.  That's dandy for them. We don't do that though. Our recipients simply need to enroll in higher education, which generally means completion of the program confers some sort of certificate or degree. Four-year university?  Well, yeah.  Junior college for an associate degree?  That works.  Police or fire academy? Great!  We think you get the point - it's a more flexible standard to encompass more career goals.

Who is eligible TO APPLY?

Fair question with a simple answer: anyone graduating from a Midlothian I.S.D. high school.  

How is it awarded?

Another good question.  The scholarship is merit-based.  We consider your academic background, community involvement, future plans, and critical thinking abilities based on the information in the application.  Like to sit in the back of class?  Don't make straight A's?  That's okay.  We are looking for well rounded candidates; the whole package type of thing.

So, like, How much are we talking?

Get ready.  It's pretty good.  Each scholarship is $1,000 annually for up to four years ($4,000 total cap).  We're talking United States Dollars, too; not Canadian.  We anticipate awarding two scholarships again this year.  We told you it was pretty good.


More information and details are included on the first page of our application.  Turn in your application by Friday March 22, 2019. Due to selection process and timing, we cannot accept late submissions. Get it done timely folks.